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The 'no dig, no mess' solution to repairing damaged pipes


The ultimate system

Pipe relining is an effective and non-intrusive way to repair underground pipes and sewers.

The pipe relining equipment we have invested in is Brawoliner - because it really is state-of-the-art as the results prove.

Compared with traditional pipe repair, the Brawoliner system enables us to repair underground pipe problems in a fraction of the time it takes to dig up and replace the damaged pipe.


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The professional team at Platinum service all areas around the greater Sydney region.

So if you have damaged pipes or drains in your property, we can assess the problem quickly and provide the optimum long TERM solution.

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Pipe Relining in Alexandria

When you need work done on the underground pipes, digging is not required anymore because now there’s relining and in Alexandria we have the equipment required to do it.

That’s right. No digging equals no mess, no disrupted gardens, no dirt walked into your home and no excavators on site!

All we need for pipe relining in Alexandria is a small machine that allows us to roll out the resin liner and insert it into the affected pipe. Once we find where the repair is required the relining process at your Alexandria place can begin.

Once the liner is pressurised into position it hardens and becomes fully sealed, providing a long term, durable fix.

So it is highly advisable to ensure the team you initially contact to come and have a look at the problem also knows how to do this because otherwise you’re looking at a big dirt mound in your yard and the job taking a lot longer.

As wells offering this ground breaking fix, we can accurately pinpoint the problem using our closed circuit TV camera that we send into the pipe until it discovers the blockage. It shows us exactly what are dealing with so from there the best solution can be recommended.

If you are lucky our high pressure jetter will be able to budge the obstruction with an extremely strong stream of water - the green, clean fix.

But if we see damage we can offer relining and so eliminate any thoughts of excavation. This gives everyone a collective sigh of relief as the hassle is immediately taken away!

For professionals who care about quality of work at affordable prices we are just a phone call away so ring and ask about our pipe relining services in the Alexandria district and don’t be disappointed in the outcome.

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5 benefits of 'no dig, no mess' pipe relining

• Minimal Property Damage

• Cost Effective

• Long Lasting

• Stops Leaks And Prevents Root Intrusions

• Increases Flow

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