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The 'no dig, no mess' solution to repairing damaged pipes


The ultimate system

Pipe relining is an effective and non-intrusive way to repair underground pipes and sewers.

The pipe relining equipment we have invested in is Brawoliner - because it really is state-of-the-art as the results prove.

Compared with traditional pipe repair, the Brawoliner system enables us to repair underground pipe problems in a fraction of the time it takes to dig up and replace the damaged pipe.


Service Areas

The professional team at Platinum service all areas around the greater Sydney region.

So if you have damaged pipes or drains in your property, we can assess the problem quickly and provide the optimum long TERM solution.

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Pipe Relining in Elanora Heights

With pipe relining your Elanora Heights garden, driveway, pool or whatever else is above the blockage, will remain intact.

There's no digging, there's no mess and the results are long lasting!

Before we recommend this as a solution, we need to find out exactly what it is we are dealing with. Is it just a build up of grime and gunk? Is it a small object causing the obstruction, like a plastic toy?

Or is it more serious like tree roots that have caused a collapse?

Our CCTV will show us and you footage of the problem area. We insert a small camera down the drain or sewer. This then relays pictures back to a screen above ground so we can see exactly what the problem is.

Once we know what we are dealing with, we can come up with an affordable and long term solution.

So if the pipe needs replacing, we can recommend relining instead, eliminating disruptions to your Elanora Heights garden. No excavators, no driveways damaged, no mess.

The way it works is that our specialised equipment inserts a flexible liner into the affected drain. This resin adheres to the wall creating a sealed link between the two undamaged sections of the pipe. The material hardens to become a durable and long term solution.

As well as pipe relining we offer all plumbing services for our Elanora Heights customers. So no matter what it is you require, we have all the right solutions and for the right price. We are reliable and turn up on time because we are serious about running an extremely professional outfit.

And all our work is 100% guaranteed.

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5 benefits of 'no dig, no mess' pipe relining

• Minimal Property Damage

• Cost Effective

• Long Lasting

• Stops Leaks And Prevents Root Intrusions

• Increases Flow

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