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The 'no dig, no mess' solution to repairing damaged pipes


The ultimate system

Pipe relining is an effective and non-intrusive way to repair underground pipes and sewers.

The pipe relining equipment we have invested in is Brawoliner - because it really is state-of-the-art as the results prove.

Compared with traditional pipe repair, the Brawoliner system enables us to repair underground pipe problems in a fraction of the time it takes to dig up and replace the damaged pipe.


Service Areas

The professional team at Platinum service all areas around the greater Sydney region.

So if you have damaged pipes or drains in your property, we can assess the problem quickly and provide the optimum long TERM solution.

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Pipe Relining in Forestville

When you need helped with a blockage get us in because we offer pipe relining in Forestville and the surrounding suburbs.

But first things first. We need to ascertain what is going on down there and can do this accurately using our CCTV camera. We can get a clear look at the problem via this tiny camera that is fed into the affected drain or sewer. Our jetter uses an extremely strong stream of water to dislodge the problem if that is possible. If a more serious issue is revealed, like a broken or even collapsed pipe, there's the option of relining to keep your Forestville home intact.

We don't need extensive diggers and excavators because we do the work below the ground.

All we need is a small hole through which to feed the liner down. This forms a pipe in a pipe, relining the damaged section at your Forestville place. The liner is made from an epoxy resin which, once in place, hardens to become as good, if to better, than what was there in the first place.

It really is great innovation and just makes practical sense.

We arrive ready to go and can be there whatever time you need us. Our professionalism is evident from the moment you contact us. We are serious about what we do and how well we do it and our service is second to none.

Unlike other tradies, we won't let you down. We keep appointments and if late due to an unforeseen situation, like a traffic accident, we will keep you informed of our expected arrival time.

At Platinum Pipe Relining, we do all plumbing services so call us today on 0421 637 410 or send an email via this link.


5 benefits of 'no dig, no mess' pipe relining

• Minimal Property Damage

• Cost Effective

• Long Lasting

• Stops Leaks And Prevents Root Intrusions

• Increases Flow

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