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Pipe Relining in Hornsby Heights

Pipe relining is the best option when you discover serious problems at your Hornsby home or place of work.

pipe relining HornsbyIt is the non-intrusive, clean and efficient way to replace those damaged pipes, not to mention extremely durable.


When you initially discover a problem which usually starts with a blockage, we'll bring over our CCTV to see what and where it is. You can see this footage too so you know exactly what it is we are dealing with.


If we can blast the problem away, we will with our high speed water jetter.

If, however, we find a cracked or collapsed pipe, we will recommend relining at your Hornsby place.


How does it work?

Using our state-of-the-art equipment we insert an epoxy liner that starts out flexible, into the affected drain or sewer.

It is of the same diameter and is able to be moulded to the exact shape, regardless of bends, using an inversion drum.

sewer blockagesOnce in place, the resin then becomes hard to form the new pipe.

With relining there is no need for your Hornsby garden, driveway or pool to be disturbed. We can't choose where the problem is and with the old way, if it was under a path, we would have to dig up the concrete to access the drain. Messy, time consuming and a hassle for all concerned.


This is why we have invested in the equipment needed to be able to offer this type of fix. Not everyone can do this specialised work so when you initially discover a problem call us first as we can offer the solutions you want in a worst-case scenario.


Talk to us on 0421 637 410 to find out more about pipe relining at your Hornsby or Hornsby Heights property. Alternatively click on this to go to our email page.