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Pipe Relining in Kensington


We understand the importance of quality pipe relining. And around Kensington we are the go-to team.

pipe relining Kensington

With the necessary equipment and skills, we will do the most professional job possible in the most efficient way. This means less disruption to you, and less on the bottom line.


With pipe relining, your home or property in Kensington remains relatively untouched. All the work is performed below the surface and there is no messy digging involved.


Initially there needs to be a diagnosis of the problem that is accurate. We have a Closed Circuit TV Camera to ensure we know exactly what it is that's causing the blockage. Our high pressure water jetter will get rid of the blockage if at all possible. For the more serious problems, there's pipe relining.

We can be at your Kensington place to get things working as they should as quickly as possible.


sewer blockagesWe will choose a liner that is the same diameter as the drain or sewer and this flexible product, made from epoxy resin, is placed in the inversion drum. It is then fed down the pipe before we use pressure to form the shape required, using the inside wall of the existing tube. It then hardens, providing a long term solution to what initially seemed like a huge problem.


You will not be disappointed in the professionalism we bring to each job, no matter what it is. We aim to please by doing the right thing the right way.

We know what to do and how to do it which takes away any guesswork.

Don't delay.


If you have a blockage get us in to check things out and offer the best solution.
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