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Pipe Relining in Killarney Heights


Pipe relining in Killarney Heights is what we specialise in so that you have access to this amazing technology.

pipe relining Killarney HeightsIt involves inserting a liner, made from epoxy, into the damaged pipe to create a new one.

Initially we will accurately diagnose what is causing the sewer or drain to block. You can only hope that it is merely a build up of grime or muck that has been washed down the sink or toilet. So we will bring out our closed circuit television camera to find out. This tiny camera is on the end of a long tube that is fed down the drain until it finds the problem. We are able to see the footage on a screen above the ground and can show this to you for confirmation of what is going on.


sewer blockagesIf it is just debris, our high speed water jetter can be used to wash it away and clean the pipe thoroughly so it does;'t happen again for a long time.

If serious damage is confirmed, we can recommend pipe relining for your Killarney Heights home or business.


We have a specialised machine that enables us to place the liner where it is needed. It is then pressurised in place before hardening to become your new pipe. Relining keeps your Killarney Heights garden intact.


There's no digging because all the work is done underground - through a small hole above ground. So nothing is disturbed, nothing is damaged and there is not the added expense of repairing driveways, gardens, pools etc.

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