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Pipe Relining in Kings Cross


When it comes to serious problems underground, pipe relining could be the solution for your Kings Cross property.

pipe relining Kings CrossThe first thing most people think of when there is a blockage in the sewer or drain, is that the garden will need to be dug up to see what's happening.

That's not the case when you call us in the check it out.

We can actually see what is going on by inserting our closed circuit television camera into the problem pipe. This then sends back footage to a screen above the ground to allow us to make the correct diagnosis and so come up with the best solution.


So, if possible, we will bring out our jetter and flush the problem away. Maybe a small toy or object is causing the problem, maybe just a build up of gunk. As long as we don't find cracks or major damage, we can usually flush it away using an extremely powerful stream of water. This also cleans the entire pipe and prevents more problems down the track.


sewer blockagesIf we find the pipe needs replacing, we will recommend relining. And in and around Kings Cross, we can be there as soon as we can to get the problem resolved in the cleanest and most efficient way.


The way it works is that an epoxy resin liner, the diameter of the pipe, is placed inside an inversion drum. This liner is then feed into the drain or the sewer to where the fix is required. We use air or water pressure to mould it to the required shape before it hardens to become the new pipe.

Relining is the practical solution for your Kings Cross home or place of work. No excavators so no mess.


And in many cases we'll be in an out in a day.


Our professional pipe relining services in Kings Cross are available 24/7.

So call us today on 0421 637 410 or to send an inquiry via email click on this link.