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Pipe Relining in Kirribilli


Why pipe relining at your Kirribilli property?

pipe relining Kirribilli• Cost effective: the repairs are quicker saving time and time is money.
• Trenchless: so there is no need to dig up gardens and so no mess
• Durable: the material used is stronger than what is traditionally used and so lasts longer


But first things first.

When you discover there's a problem in the plumbing, let us come and have a look so we can come up with the right solution. Our CCTV takes all the guesswork away. A tiny camera on a probe is inserted into the drain or sewer showing us what it is we are dealing with.

Luckily in most cases the problem can be washed away. Our water jetter uses H2O at very high pressure to dislodge obstructions likes toys and grime build up. We will clean the pipe thoroughly to prevent the problem happening again in the not-too-distant future.


sewer blockagesWhen serious damaged shows us, we'd recommend pipe relining. We will arrive at your home or workplace in Kirribilli ready to do this if required. Out specialist equipment allows us to create a new section of pipe within the old one. This resin liner hardens to become strong and durable. It eliminates the need to remove and replace. Instead it uses the existing piping system to help create a new one.


Not every local tradesman offers pipe relining around Kirribilli so it is always best to check first before calling just anyone once you discover the problem.


Don't let someone dig up your garden when it is not necessary. Choose pipe relining for your Kirribilli
place and get the best result possible for the best price.


Call us on 0421 637 410 to find out more or click here to send us an email and we will be back in touch as soon as we can.