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Pipe Relining in Lane Cove


Pipe relining Lane Cove

pipe relining Lane CoveFor the most advanced pipe relining in Lane Cove we are the ones to call.

We have the most up-to-date equipment, and the right experience, to ensure a quality job for a competitive price.

So don't go getting your garden or driveway dug up - there's no need when we offer pipe relining in and around Lane Cove.


So how does it work?

Before we get started we need to find out what is causing the blockage.

Using our closed circuit TV camera, we can see down to the problem and so can you as the images are sent back to a screen above ground. All sorts of things can cause backflow problems. It could be an obstruction like some plastic. Or maybe tree roots are invading the drain or it could be a build of of grime.


sewer blockagesIf possible, we will bring out our jetter that uses water at high pressure to flush the problem away. We give the drain or sewer a good wash so you won't be having the same problem down the track.

Ok, but what if the problem is a cracked or collapsed pipe? This is where relining comes in to play.


We have been doing this in the Lane Cove district for years and have the experience necessary to do the best job possible.


The way it works is that the specialist equipment firstly inserts a liner made of resin into the drain. It can then be moulded to fit to the inside wall and once it hardens becomes the new drain or sewer. So clever and practical as it totally eliminates the need for expensive diggers and your garden stays intact.


From the moment you discover a problem, get us in to take a look and come up with a workable and cost effective solution.

We make it easy and have the runs on the board. Our professionalism is second to none and you won't find a more dedicated team.


The pipe relining specialists in the Lane Cove region are on 0421 637 410 or email us by clicking here.