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Pipe Relining in Leichhardt


We are excited to announce that modern pipe relining is now available to our Leichhardt customers!

What’s the difference?

pipe relining LeichhardtTraditionally, when your PVC piping is damaged or leaking, it has to be replaced. This means digging extensive trenches to locate and isolate the section that has to be replaced, measuring and cutting, removing and replacing with new PVC. The problems with this are numerous, not to mention the fact that sometimes new joints need to be installed for corners, and the fact that you are just replacing something with a newer version of the same thing.

With pipe relining available to Leichardt homes and businesses, no longer to you have to wear the burden of this costly, messy and time consuming process. Instead of replacement, all that needs to be done is some rehabilitation to your existing structures! The surfaces are resin sealed from the inside, including around corners.


The advantages.

Leichhardt customers that benefit from pipe relining don’t have to suffer the inconvenience of extensive trenching. This process can be completed from access points. The resin soaked tube is simple pulled through the structure before inflating and setting. This means the job is complete in hours instead of days and is only a fraction of the cost.


sewer blockagesWhen you choose pipe relining in Leichhardt, you are ensuring that your rehabilitated structures are left stronger than the original piping. The resin inner lining reinforces the original PVC creating a water tight and rigid seal. This completely prevents further corrosion and provides a fail safe barrier to tree roots penetrating from the outside.


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