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Pipe Relining in Lindfield

Ask about our pipe relining services in Lindfield.

pipe relining LindfieldWe have the right equipment and the skills to give you the peace of mind needed whenever you call a tradesman to your home or place of work.


Pipe relining in and around Lindfield is what we do best. We know the district well and understand the terrain and the type of plumbing typical to the area.

Once a problem is discovered, usually because of a blockage, we will arrive with all of our gear - just in case.


Firstly we can use our CCTV camera to see deep into the drain or sewer. If at all possible we will clean the problem away to get things working properly as quickly as possible. Sometimes, however, we discover more serious problems. It could be an invasion of tree roots or just deterioration that has caused serious damage. This is where pipe relining can work at your Lindfield property.


sewer blockagesWe will bring out our specialised gear that allows us to create a new pipe within the old one.

The inversion drum inserts an epoxy resin into the sewer or drain and this resin is then moulded to the inside wall before hardening to become extremely tough and durable.

It means that there is no need to dig!


So no mess, no unnecessary destruction, no delays waiting for the work to be completed, no added cost fixing what has been damaged.


In most circumstances, we can be in and out within a day. That's a huge cost saving on our time which helps us maintain a fair price structure.

Depend on us for professional pipe relining in and around Lindfield.

Rhys is waiting to take your call on 0421 637 410.

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