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Pipe Relining in Longueville


Pipe relining Longueville

pipe relining LonguevilleThe solution you need when you discover a serious problem underground is pipe relining.


And if you are in the Longueville area give us a call.

We have all the gear and skills to ensure we can take the job from beginning to end. Some tradesmen do some things - we do the lot. So don't get caught out with someone who can't do pipe relining after you have called them to your Longueville property. It may result in unsightly and expensive trenches having to be dug which just costs more and is a lot more hassle.


sewer blockagesBut first things first. We need to find out what is blocking the water or sewage. That is why we have a closed circuit TV camera. This shows us on a screen above ground what is happening below. Once we have determined the problem we can find the right solution.


It's hoped our high pressure jetter can remove most obstacles. A build up of grime, hair, small toys and the like can cause have but are easily flushed away. For the more serious problems there's pipe relining and we are the ones to call in the Longueville area.



So, what's involved? Our specialised machinery inserts a liner into the drain. It then moulds this to the inside wall to repair the damage and create a new pipe within the old one.

There is no need to dig. There is no mess. All the work is carried out below the ground. The resin lining becomes hard and is long lasting. Time spent on the job is much less than digging a trench and replacing the pipe and that helps keep costs to a minimum.


Let us do the pipe relining at your place in Longueville. Give us a buzz on 0421 637 410.

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