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Pipe Relining in Marrickville


Stop the excavator! With pipe relining there’s no need to dig up your Marrickville property.


pipe relining MarrickvilleWhen it comes to practical solutions, you can’t go past pipe relining when it comes to fixing the underground piping system.


If you live or work in the Marrickville region, we can assess your premises and let you know if it’s an option.


Before that, however, we need to find out exactly what is going on under the ground surface.


We have a closed circuit television for this reason. The tiny probe with a camera attached is fed into the affected drain and then sends live vision back to a screen above ground.


Once we see the problem for ourselves, we know the next step to take.


In most cases it is simply a build up of debris or an item that has become stuck that is causing the backflow. Our jetter will send a stream of highly pressurised water into the pipe to flush out the culprit! This also cleans sediment build up away and prevents blockages from happening in the not-too-distant future!


sewer blockagesSo what if we discover cracks or serious damage? This is where pipe relining comes in. And in Marrickville we are the specialists in this area of the trade.


Basically we create a fully sealed tube inside the existing underground infrastructure. How do we do this?


Well firstly we clear away the debris. Once the area is clean we insert a liner that starts out pliable into the drain. It is fitted into place to create a fully sealed solution. The liner can be fitted to all diameters and any shape. Once it becomes hard it’s as tough and durable as any product around.


Pipe relining is suited to all Marrickville properties no matter what the access.


Ring to find out how this innovative solution works or email us and we will be back in touch shortly.