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Pipe Relining in Mosman


Pipe relining Mosman

pipe relining MosmanWhen it's a damaged pipe you need fixed, ask about our relining services.

We service the Mosman region and can be there fast to accurately diagnose the problem and then offer the best solution.


So when you find a blockage, we can check it out with our CCTV camera which is put into the pipe to show us the issue. From there we can either remove whatever is causing the problem with our high pressure water jetter or if there is a serious problem and the drain or sewer needs replacing, we can recommend pipe relining.


We'll turn up to your Mosman property ready to go with all the latest equipment to ensure that the fix is a long term one.


sewer blockagesSo how does it work?


A pliable resin liner which is the same size as the drain is inserted and cured to the inside wall.

It then hardens and is tougher than PVC and fully sealed to prevent anything from penetrating it.


Why is it recommended over replacement?

• No digging - all we need is a small hole through which the liner is inserted.
• More cost effective - it takes less time than digging a trench and no expensive excavators are required.
• Less hassle - because there are no trenches there no damage to driveways, pools, pathways, gardens or anything else about the blockage.


These are the reasons we recommend pipe relining at your Mosman home or workplace. It is a practical, long term and much simpler way of getting your pipes back in top working order.


At Platinum we also cover the entire range of commercial, domestic and industrial plumbing services. 

Like to know more about our pipe relining services and are in the Mosman area?


Give us a call on 0421 637 410 or click on this link to go to our email page.