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Pipe Relining in Narraweena


Pipe relining Narraweena

pipe relining NarraweenaWhen you discover a damaged pipe, relining is what we do best.

And if you are in the Narraweena region we can be there as soon as possible to firstly diagnose and to then provide a long term fix for the problem.


First up we have a Closed Circuit TV camera. The actual camera is on the end of a probe which is inserted into the sewer or drain until it reaches the blockages. It then sends back pictures to an above ground screen so we can see exactly what is going on.

In the majority of cases it's usually just a build of gunk that is causing the problem. In which case we can flush and clean the drain thoroughly using our high pressure jetter that uses water to provide an environmental fix.


sewer blockagesBut what if we discover serious damage. Maybe tree roots have caused the problem. Maybe deterioration or maybe ground movement.


Whatever, the pipe needs repair and this is where relining at your Narraweena comes into play.


Our specialised machinery is brought out to provide a long term fix. It allows us to insert a liner, made of resin that starts off flexible, into the pipe. It then moulds the resin to the inner wall of the drain to create a new, fully sealed cylinder which hardens to create the new pipe.


Pipe relining eliminates the need to dig up your Narraweena garden, driveway or whatever else is above the blockage. We can do all the work through a small hole which means it is a much cleaner and quicker solution, while also providing a long term fix. And because it is more efficient it is more cost effective.


Pipe relining can be done well at your Narraweena property when you call us.

Phone 0421 637 410 or click on this to send an email.