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Pipe Relining in Neutral Bay


Pipe relining in Neutral Bay is now achievable when you call Platinum.

pipe relining Neutral BayWhen it comes to underground piping the last thing you want to hear is that there is serious damage and "surgery" is needed!


But don't fret just yet. We offer pipe relining around Neutral Bay, which is the "no dig" solution.

That's right. There is no longer any need to completely remove the problem.

We will bring in our pipe relining equipment so that your Neutral Bay property can remain intact.

No digging, means no mess, less expense and much less hassle!


First up we will be able to give you a correct diagnosis of the problem at hand. we use our CCTV to get an actual look at the blockage and what's causing it.

Once we know, we can take the right action that will be the least disruptive, most cost effective and will be for the long and not short term.


sewer blockagesWe have a high pressure water jetter that can clear most problems away.

For the damaged pipes there's relining. This is the best solution for your Neutral Bay home or workplace.


Our specialised equipment enables us to insert an inner resin liner that in essence creates a pipe within the existing one. So it connects the two working sections by filling the gap with a new durable tube. We have the experience to carry this out in the most professional way so can guarantee absolute satisfaction with the outcome.



We also do all residential, commercial and industrial work and are available around the clock in an emergency. We are punctual and efficient and continue to build on our list of happy clients.

Ring and ask us about our pipe relining services in Neutral Bay and we'll be happy to answer all of your questions.


Dial 0421 637 410.

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