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Pipe Relining in Newport


No digging and no mess when you choose us to sort out your blocked pipes because we offer relining in Newport and the surrounding area.


pipe relining Newport

The first thing we do is accurately diagnose the problem. We have a closed circuit TV camera on the tip of a probe that we feed into the affected drain.

What this does is show us on a TV monitor what is causing the blockage.


We see all sorts of things including small toys, sanitary items, hair and gunk, most of which can be flushed away with the assistance of our high speed water jetter.

The excellent news if you call us, is that if there is really serious structural damage, we have the no dig trenchless solution. It is called pipe relining and we offer this service in Newport and the wider district. As the name implies, it involves creating a new pipe within the old.


We roll our pipe relining machine onto your Newport property and then feed the malleable liner into the damaged region. We are then able to mould it to the correct shape, seal the walls and then within hours it hardens to become the new section that lasts as long as any product available.


sewer blockagesAs you can see, it requires little intrusion because we don’t need to dig up the existing pipe. No diggers so no messy gardens that need to be fixed once the work is done. It also reduces the cost because we are there for less time and aren’t hiring excavators.


It really is a no brainer when something happens to your piping system that brings the household to a grinding halt. Our quick and accurate diagnosis and fuss free solution is the answer every time.


Ask about our pipe relining services in Newport by calling or emailing us. Click here to head to our contacts page.