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Pipe Relining in Newtown


Did you realise that a busted underground pipe isn’t the end of the world? That’s because we offer relining in Newtown.


pipe relining NewtownThis is a completely non-invasive method that allows us to create a whole new section of tubing within the framework of the existing system.

Just click on the video to see how it works.


We have the latest pipe relining machine and can be at your Newtown place quickly to solve the problem as soon as physically possible.


The liner is made from a resin that starts out soft so it can be moulded to whatever diameter required. Once fitted into position, and pressurised into place, the resin becomes hard to create the new pipe.

All work is done from above the surface so NO DIGGING is required.


This benefits everyone. For you it means no unnecessary damage is done to your home and no mess is created. This technique eliminates any excavating work so no heavy equipment has to be brought in which keeps the cost down.


sewer blockagesWe totally recommend pipe relining and because it is a process we do regularly in the Newtown area, we have the experience required to do a top quality job that will last for years. We care about customer satisfaction and are the right team to be able to meet your very high expectations.


We are also able to help with any job in the trade whether you need a quote for a new kitchen or bathroom, need help with drainage problems, want expert advice on heating solutions or just want a washer changed.

We do the lot and are proud of the reputation we have for being professional from beginning to end.


For quality pipe relining at your Newtown property call now.

Or send an email and we will reply shortly.