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Pipe Relining in the Lower North Shore


Why is pipe relining a practical solution for my North Shore property?

pipe relining Lower North ShoreBecause:

• It works
• Is a long term solution
• Is cost effective
• Is a much cleaner solution than the old way of digging trenches and replacing the damaged sewer or drain.


No all businesses offer pipe relining around North Shore so when you first discover you have a problem with the underground piping, let us come and diagnose the problem. Then if it is more serious than just a build up of gunk, we can offer the best solution. 
Once we have discovered the damage and ascertained that a pipe is seriously damaged, Rhys and his team will bring out the relining equipment which, unlike the old way, causes no damage at all to your  North Shore garden.


sewer blockagesThey will select a liner that is the same diameter as the affected pipe. This is made of a resin that is flexible and can be mould to the inner wall before hardening to create a new section that is completely sealed and designed to last for many years.


So you can see that pipe relining is the practical way to go when you find cracked or collapsed pipes and if you are in the Lower North Shore area Platinum is the team with the experience to do the work in the most professional way and with the least amount t of hassle for you.



They are serious about providing quality work for a competitive price and understand that this just can't be lip service, they have to deliver every time to ensure their business stays viable.


Call 0421 637 410 and ask for Rhys and he can explain how pipe relining works. We can check out your North Shore property and get it back in working order.


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