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Pipe Relining in Paddington

Pipe relining in Paddington is the clean and green solution that really works.

pipe relining PaddingtonWhen the pipes go bust it's never good news.

But with relining, your Paddington garden or driveway remain unscathed.

That is because we don't need to bring in the heavy equipment that does most of the damage when a pipe is dug up and replace.


With relining, all the work is done beneath the surface at your Paddington property.


Before that, there's only one way to check what exactly is going on down there.

This is why we have a CCTV (closed circuit television) camera. It lets us see the problem so we can recommend the right solution.


And if there is so much damage that a serious fix is required, we'll recommend pipe relining. And in the Paddington district we are the ones who know how to do this specialised work.


sewer blockagesAn epoxy resin liner is placed inside an inversion drum. This is then fed down the piping system to create a brand new tube the same size as the broken one. The material, once it becomes hard, is is durable and reliable as you would hope for. Before it hardens, it is pliable enough to mould to the size and shape required. Sounds simple but like everything, to do it properly requires skill from an experienced tradesman.


We have the right runs on the board to be able to offer this professional service. From the moment you contact us we are timely and efficient and don't charge you for wasted time.


We do all things from backflow to water heating and gas.

So let us get things sorted. Call Rhys to find out more on 0421 637 410.

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