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Pipe Relining in Pennant Hills


Pipe relining in Pennant Hills is the ultimate fix when there are issues underground.

It’s easy not to think about what’s happening out of sight but when something goes awry our thoughts usually imagine a complex and expensive solution.


pipe relining Pennant HillsNot so with pipe relining. And in the Pennant Hills district we have the experience mandatory for the most professional outcome.


So what does it involve?

First things first. We will come and accurately diagnose the problem before discussion the best way forward with you.


Other teams may not offer pipe relining in Pennant Hills so make sure whoever you call has the skills and equipment needed to be able to do offer this if needed.


sewer blockagesSo our CCTV camera will show exactly why there is an issue. We can see whether it’s just a build up of grime that can be washed away quickly with our high pressure water jetter.

However if we see cracks and serious damage in the pipe we are able to offer relining.


We have a state-of-the-art machine that we use to insert a liner into the affected area. This starts out flexible so can be moulded to the desired shape. Once fitted in to place we pressurise it to the existing wall before it hardens becoming a fully sealed tube.

With pipe relining your Pennant Hills property remains intact while you can have piece of mind knowing it is the long term solution.


Contact us today on 0421 637 410 to find out more about your friendly Pennant Hills pipe relining experts.