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Pipe Relining in Petersham


If your pipes need replacing and you live in Petersham, it’s well worth considering relining.

pipe relining PetershamIn the Petersham area we are the ones to call with the experience required for a professional outcome and least impact on the home owner.


So when you discover a problem you won’t always know the cause. This is an important factor when calling someone because not everyone offers pipe relining in Petersham and if a serious problem is found it’s good to know that this solution is an option.


When we arrive we roll out our CCTV camera and send the tiny camera down the pipe in question to take a look. From a screen above the surface we actually show you what is causing the issue and from there recommend the appropriate path for your particular situation.


In other words we won’t go down one path only to have to back track and go down another. That just wastes our time and your money!


We will use our high pressure water jetter if it is just debris that needs to be budged.

If there is damage we are able to offer pipe relining and in the Petersham district we are the professionals you need for the best job possible.


sewer blockagesSo what we do is clean the area and then insert a liner that is flexible to begin with so it can be moulded to the required shape.

Once in place it hardens to become the new section that is as durable as anything you’d find on the market.


When you call us you are getting the local team who cares about the end result and providing the best customer service possible.

It starts with us arriving on time and not letting you down so that when we leave you will be 100% satisfied with our services.

Professional pipe relining in Petersham is a phone call away - we’re more than happy to answer you questions about this state-of-the-art solution.


Call us on 0421 637 410 and ask about or pipe relining services in Petersham.

Or pop your question in an email by clicking here.