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Pipe Relining in Point Piper


Peace of mind is what you get with pipe relining in Point Piper

As with all our aspects of life, technology is always improving, providing us with faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly means to achieve our every-day tasks. Plumbing is no exception and with this in mind, we are excited to announce that residences and businesses now have access to pipe relining in the Point Piper area.


No longer is it acceptable for your contractor to excavate your property and create ghastly holes in search of broken or damaged drains, sewers and pipes that need to be replaced. Pipe relining provides Point Piper with a solution that creates almost no waste, eliminates the need to replace pipes, and completely avoids any digging whatsoever. Have a look at the video above to see how we operate and keep in mind the difference this procedure offers compared with digging to locate and replace pipes.


As your pipe relining specialists in Point Piper, you may be wondering why we invested in this cutting edge technology and take the time out to re-train? It just seemed obvious to us that if we were to maintain our reputation as the industry leader in the region, we needed to stay ahead. Our foresight has enabled us to generate savings based on greater efficiency, greater structural longevity and less waste. Our savings become your savings, and your savings become our improved reputation.


sewer blockagesUsing this technique, all the work is done below ground. Instead of replacing damaged pipes, epoxy resin is poured into the problem pipe using a specific procedure that creates a new, stronger pipe within the existing one. Pipe relining is available to Point Piper and the surrounding suburbs now!


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