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Pipe Relining in Potts Point

No need to dig when you now have access to professional pipe relining services in the Potts Point region.

pipe relining In many instances we can complete the work within a day which allows you to get on with things as soon as possible.

But first things first.

When you first get a blockage get us in to correctly diagnose the problem.


To get a close look at what exactly going on below ground, we will bring out our closed circuit television camera. The tiny camera is on a probe which we guide into the drain or the sewer so we can see what it is we are dealing with. Once we know that we can get on with providing the right solution.


Hopefully it is just a blockage that can be flushed away with our high pressured water jetter.

However, if we see that there is severe damage and a major fix is needed, we can recommend pipe relining for your Potts Point place.


sewer blockagesWe bring out this specialised equipment which has an inversion drum that allows us to insert an epoxy resin liner into the problem area.

This is then moulded to the desired shape and then becomes as hard and durable as you'd expect a pipe to be, providing a long term solution.


The process beats excavation which is messy, time consuming and potentially damaging.

So when the problem first arises, ensure the team you get in can do pipe relining and is familiar with the Potts Point area. We have been working in the district for years and understand the type of piping and the terrain and so can make the correct decisions first up.


To find out more about our professional pipe relining services in Potts Point and the surrounding area, ring 0421 637 410 or click here to send us an email.