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Pipe Relining in Queenscliff


Pipe relining Queenscliff

pipe relining QueenscliffThe pipe relining specialists for Queenscliff recommended for quality workmanship and professionalism second to none.

We have invested in all the latest equipment to ensure correct diagnosis and treatment when a blockage is discovered. Firstly, we have a closed circuit TV camera which enables us to get good vision of the problem.


Hopefully we'll just find that it's a build up of waste that can be easily flushed away in an environmentally friendly way using our high pressure water jetter. We can give the drain a good clean to help ensure you won't have a similar problem for years to come.


But if the video footage shows us more serious damage, like broken or collapsed pipes, we can recommend relining. This technique eliminates the need to dig up your Queenscliff garden.

Using our specialist equipment, we can create a new, seamless inner lining that provides a long term fix. All work is done from a small hole in the ground so there is no need to dig trenches to remove and replace the damaged pipe.

sewer blockagesRelining in the Queenscliff area is what we do best. We have the right experience to be able to offer this valuable service. It is far more cost effective and efficient than the old way of doing things.


So when you first discover a problem below ground, make sure the tradesmen you first call have the necessary equipment to diagnose correctly and fix long term without having to use excavators.


Whatever your plumbing needs we can help. We have the runs on the board and our experience allow us to keep costs to a minimum.


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