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Pipe Relining in Redfern


Guaranteed top quality work and the most competitive rates in town – we are the pipe relining specialists for the Redfern area.

pipe relining RedfernHow can you benefit from our Redfern pipe relining service?

As opposed to standard replacement methods, our technique utilises the latest in technological developments to rehabilitate your existing piping and drains from the inside. All we need is an access point as opposed to digging extensive trenching to disconnect and remove the damaged region.


The most obvious advantage to you is that this process takes hours instead of days. With a fraction of the inconvenience you are used to with damaged piping, our skilled tradesmen work around your routine to get you back on track with a minimum of fuss. Pipe relining has changed the face of Redfern in a host of ways. The technique is non invasive so for the most part it is business as usual.


Think about how much you will save by using this method. As we mentioned, the huge time saving means you are paying for less hours and we are able to take on more work. This is reflected in our pricing structure. Everything we save, you save on too. Also, no hiring heavy machinery to dig trenches, and no new pipes to purchase. We simply get in, repair, get out. Pipe relining is the only option in Redfern that offers this kind of saving.


sewer blockagesHave a look at the video above to get an overview of how pipe relining works in the Redfern area. The process is simple. Firstly we blast clear and debris from the piping. Then we use CCTV to inspect the structure to establish the location and extend of the damage. Following this, the pipe is prepared by inserting a resin soaked tube then the damage is contained and sealed by inflating the tube. Once the resin is dry, we reinspect the new tubing to make sure everything is as according to plan.


Don’t hesitate when you suspect broken, leaky or damaged pipes, drains or sewers.


Contact us today on 0421 637 410. We’ll get out to you in no time.