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Pipe Relining in Rushcutters Bay


Pipe relining is the game changing solution for Rushcutters Bay property and business owners.

pipe relining Rushcutters BayNo more digging, mess and crushing expenses when you discover issues with drains.


Instead of digging trenches to access damaged piping in order to replace them, we simple rehabilitate the existing drainage from the surface! There is no need to dig at all because when we are called out to solve drainage issues, we employ a new technique. Have a look at what’s involved by clicking on the video above. Residents and businesses in Rushcutters Bay have saved thousands utilising pipe relining and we would like to extend the service to more customers.


If we’re called out, the first step in the process is to diagnose the problem. Our Rushcutters Bay pipe relining service starts with our CCTV camera. This is inserted from the surface and the damage is located and assessed. The next step is to manoeuvre resin soaked tubing into place over the damaged area. Once in position, this inner tube is inflated to create a seal and allowed to set. The result is a new tube within the old one that is stronger and more resilient than the original installation.


sewer blockagesThe benefits are numerous. Most importantly, our customers are saving thousands of dollars both initially and in the long term. Another major benefit is the time and inconvenience spared. This process takes hours as opposed to days using the original methods. Less disruption to your day means you can get on with the important task of everyday life within no time. The most visible benefit to choosing pipe relining in Rushcutters Bay is the complete absence of trenches and digging equipment. We have turned an archaeological dig into a non intrusive service call.


To enquire about our pipe relining service offered to the greater Rushcutters Bay region, call us on 0421 637 410.