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Pipe Relining in Seaforth


Need pipe relining advice in Seaforth?

pipe relining SeaforthYou've come to the right place. At Platinum we offer expert pipe relining services and can be at your Seaforth home or place of work as quickly as possible to start getting things back in order.


What's involved?


Accurate diagnosis

Once a problem with the underground plumbing is discovered, it is important to know exactly what is causing the blockage. We have all the right gear to be able to actually find and see the problem. We'll send our CCTV probe into the sewer or drain so we can get a look at what we are dealing with.

Up-to-date equipment


Once we have a correct diagnosis, we can set about fixing the problem. If there is no damage, we have a high pressure water jetter that enables us to flush away the build up of gunk. We will give the drain a thorough clean which will eliminate a similar problem happening in the long term.

sewer blockagesFor seriously damaged pipes there's relining. So if you live or work in Seaforth or one of the surrounding suburbs, we are the ones to call if you want an excellent job for a fair price.

Our modern machinery enables us to reline the pipe with a resin that starts off flexible and is able to be moulded to the shape of the drain to form a complete pipe in a pipe. The material becomes hard and is long lasting to ensure a long term fix.

Before calling in just anyone to fix a blockage, make sure the one you call has the right equipment to take the job through to completion no matter how serious.

We are the team to trust for excellent pipe relining in and around Seaforth.

Contact us on 0421 637 410 or via email by clicking on this link.