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Pipe Relining in St Ives


Pipe relining St Ives

pipe relining St IvesWhen problems first arise with the drainage system, initial diagnosis is crucial.

At Platinum we have the right gear to find and see exactly what is causing the problem. Our Closed Circuit TV camera can go deep into the drain or sewer and then sends back footage to a screen above ground.


From there we'll decide what to do next. In most instances, our high pressure water jetter can dislodge and flush it away. 

But what happens if we discover serious damage.

This is where pipe relining comes in. And in St Ives, we have the right experience to ensure you get the most professional job possible. 


sewer blockagesPut simply, we are able to create a pipe in a pipe using a resin liner that is flexible to begin with to allow us to shape it to the size required. It is moulded to the inside of the old pipe before hardening to leave the drain or sewer fully sealed with a product that is more durable than PVC.   

With pipe relining, there is no need to dig trenches and destroy your St Ives back or front yard.


We are able to do all the work through a small hole and thus eliminate the need to bring in heavy and costly excavators. Much less trouble for everyone and far more cost effective.


As well as pipe relining, we offer the range of plumbing services in the St Ives area and can be there at any time to sort things out fast.

We are renowned in the district for our professionalism which begins when we arrive at the scheduled time. We are efficient and won't muck you about and we take pride in all the work we do.


Give us a call on 0421 637 410 and trust you'll be getting the best advice about pipe relining in
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