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Pipe Relining in Surry Hills

When it's expert advice on pipe relining for your Surry Hills property, we are the team to phone.

pipe relining Surry HillsWe can talk you through how it works and why it is taking over from pipe replacement.

The first thing that stands out is that pipe relining eliminates digging. This means there'll be little damage to your lawns and gardens in Surry Hills.


With the traditional fix you have not only the mess that the big excavators cause, but also the expense and extra time needed to complete the work.


With pipe relining, we can be in and out of your Surry Hills property, in most cases, in a day. We will arrive ready to go so time won't be wasted and so your routine gets back to normal as soon as it possibly can.


sewer blockagesOf course we will need to take a look at what's going on ourselves and this is why we have a close circuit television camera. The tiny probe can be fed into the affected sewer or drain and give us vision of why it is clogging up. Sometime it will be as simple as needing a good clean. This we do using a strong stream of water from our jetter. Fingers crossed for you that this will do the trick.


If, however, there has been a collapse or partial collapse of the pipe wall, it needs urgent repair.


And this when we would recommend it to be relined.

The liner is made from an epoxy resin. It is flexible to begin with but once in place, via an immersion drum, it becomes as hard and durable as a pipe should be.


We have been doing this type of work for years and recommend cit because it really works.


If you are considering pipe relining or just need us to check out a problem at your Surry Hills home or workplace, then call us on 0421 637 410. Alternatively you can click here to send an email enquiry.