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Pipe Relining in Tamarama

Needing expert pipe relining in the Tamarama district? Platinum can help.

pipe relining TamaramaFrom diagnosis to completion, we will take the worry and hassle away when you discover problems with the underground piping system.


So what can we do? Using our Closed Circuit TV camera we can actually see into the drain or sewer and via the footage can let you know what is causing the problem. Hopefully we can flush the problem away using our high speed water jetter. If not, that's where pipe relining comes in.

And in the Tamarama area we are the professionals to trust. We have the experience and the latest gear to ensure you will get the best job possible.


sewer blockagesA resin liner, that starts off flexible, is guided into the pipe. It is able to be formed into the shape required and then adheres to the inner wall before hardening to become the new pipe.


The whole purpose of this technique is to eliminate the need to dig. Previously we would have to remove the pipe and replace it with a new section. This way the procedure is done underground and there is absolutely no need to bring in the heavy and damaging excavators.


This makes pipe relining at your Tamarama property a practical and affordable solution.

If we discover the problem early enough, the work can usually be wrapped up in a day.


Our pipe relining services are second to none in the Tamarama district. You can trust us to be efficient and professional from beginning to end. From arriving at the scheduled time, to doing the best job possible and leaving the worksite as we found it.


So give us a call. We are more than happy to answer all your questions.

Dial 0421 637 410 or to send an email click here. We will be in touch shortly.