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Pipe Relining in Ultimo


Push the thought of digging and damage out of your mind because we offer pipe relining in Ultimo.

pipe relining UltimoWhen the problem is discovered it can be tempting to reach for the phone and call the first person on the list however this can be fraught.


Not all of us offer pipe relining and if it’s something that could be an option at your home in Ultimo then we are the ones to call first.


So if we can we will flush away the problem. A relatively simple task using our high pressure water jetter.


But if our closed circuit television camera reveals pipe damage or collapse, there’s relining.

The benefit of this solution is that your property in Ultimo remains intact. There’s no need to dig so no excavators need to be hired and there’s no heavy machinery tearing up your garden.

What we’ll do is bring in our specialist pipe relining machine which in Ultimo we’ve been doing for years so it is truly tried and tested.


sewer blockagesA pliable liner is fed into the problem area before being sealed and hardening into the new section through which water and sewerage can flow as normal. The product is durable and prevents the perfectly good sections of pipe from being touched.


The beauty of dealing with us is our professionalism form the very first phone call. We keep you in the loop so you know why we are recommending what we are and how we will go about it at a cost that is competitive.


Arriving on time, being courteous and not ripping people off is how we run our successful business which is building a strong customer base.


To find out how it works don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can explain it in more detail so you understand exactly what’s involved.