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Pipe Relining in Waterloo

Blocked, damaged or leaking pipes or drains? Don’t waste your time with just anyone, we offer revolutionary pipe relining in the Waterloo area.

pipe relining WaterlooWhat is pipe relining and why is it better than the old dig and replace/repair method? The full procedure is outlined in the video. Briefly, the difference is that all the work is done underground so there is no digging whatsoever, the existing pipes are kept in place so there is no structural work, and the relining procedure creates stronger pipes that last longer than the originals.


Not only are we the trusted name in Waterloo but now with pipe relining, we are the most cutting edge. The way we do things will spare you from any property damage as we don't need to bring in excavators. The procedure is far less expensive due to the minimal materials required and far quicker. At the end of the job your pipes are reinforced to prevent root intrusions and the resultant flow is smoother.

sewer blockagesIf you would like to know more about this and our other services don’t hesitate to get in contact.


Our staff are fully trained, qualified and professional. As the local guys, we are your best point of contact for solutions that can be tailored specifically to suit your needs. Whether you need someone for your home or local business, pipe relining is now available in Waterloo and we’d love to add you to our list of satisfied customers.



Ask around. Our name and our brand is rock solid. Our reputation is based on a combination of exemplary reliability, professionalism, pricing schedules and work standard. Upgrading to accommodate for pipe relining is just one benefit Waterloo residents and business owners benefit from when they call us.


For pipe relining in Waterloo or the suburbs in the surrounding region there is only one trusted name. Get in touch and we will find the right solution and the right price.

Dial 0421 637 410 or click here to send an email.