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3 Reasons To Hire A Professional Blocked Drain Specialist In East Killara & Chatswood

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Your drains, sewer lines, and septic tanks make up your wastewater disposal systems, so ensuring that they’re fully functional is critical for any home in East Killara & Chatswood.

If you’re noticing low water pressure, nasty smells, or standing water, you might be dealing with a blocked drain. You may think DIY is a great idea, but it isn’t.

Too many things can go wrong, and you may not be equipped to identify and remedy the real problem. A professional drain cleaning company will reveal and rectify the issue immediately.

Don’t believe us? Then read on!

In this blog, we’re going to breakdown the three top benefits of hiring a professional to clean your blocked drains in Killara & Chatswood.

#1 Significant Savings

Although a DIY fix may sound cheaper, it’s surprisingly expensive. You’ll need to buy all the tools, accessories, and safety gear needed to do the job properly.

You’ll also need to suffer through some trial-and-error before any sort of solution is found. And speaking of trial-and-error, you’ll likely cause some damage – which will cost you.

In extreme cases, the damage caused can be great enough to corrode your pipes, intensify the blockage, burst pipes, or even cause the whole system to collapse!

The worst part? Insurance won’t cover unlicensed plumbing work.

With a professional in your corner, you can have peace of mind knowing that the root cause will be revealed, remedied, and unlikely to happen again anytime soon. And all it will cost you is a call-out fee!

#2 Endless Experience And Expertise

With a professional drain cleaner in your corner, you can be confident that they know precisely how to tackle any plumbing problem you throw at them.

With years of training and field experience under their toolbelt, the problem will be found and solved much faster, leaving no mess or malfunction left behind.

#3 The Best Equipment

A lot goes into pipe cleaning and unblocking drains – and without the right tools, a lot can go wrong too. Finding and fixing cracks, weaknesses, blockages, and leaks in your pipes, will require specialised tools, technology, and tactics.

From CCTV cameras to motorised drain snakes, leak detection devices, and more, drain cleaning specialists will be able to do the job efficiently and effectively – without any digging.

Save yourself money and stress by hiring the leading professional blocked drain in Chatswood and East Killara – Platinum Pipe Relining.

With our passion for pipes, we’ve refined our skills to offer a bulletproof and minimally invasive drain cleaning service.

If you’ve got a piping problem, big or small, call us today.



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