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4 Possible Pipe And Drain Repair Solutions Available In Killara

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When drain and pipe problems arise, it’s hard to know which specialist to call for help. Killara is saturated with several so-called specialists, offering a host of different services.

When searching for drain and pipe repair services in Killara, it helps to know which methods are the most successful. This way, you can pick a plumber that offers the services you need to succeed!

We’ve laid out five different pipe repair services – starting with the most successful.

#1 Pipe Relining Repairs

Using CCTV cameras, your drains will be inspected to locate any leaks, weaknesses, or problems – without the hassles and damages of heavy digging!

Then, a resin impregnated liner will be used to create a new sleeve when inserted into the problem pipes with compressed air, effectively embedding it onto the inner walls.

Simply put, this non-invasive technique creates a brand new pipe within the original pipe, reinforcing it and significantly increasing its lifespan!

#2 Mechanical Methods

Some drain cleaners and pipe repairers use mechanical tools to clean, unblock, and maintain pipes and drains. In fact, we use them too, however they need to be used skillfully as the nature of these methods can lead to damage!

For example, high-pressure water jetters and electric eels are very effective and essentially the only way to clear a blockage, however, when used repeatedly in the same drain, eventually cracks form and roots will get in. It places quite a lot of stress on the drain, as you can imagine.

#3 Chemical Cleaning

Chemicals can be quite effective for cleaning and unblocking drains, especially those made from copper sulphate. But, they often do more harm than good.

Although biological cleaners are available, they’re not strong enough. And harsh chemical cleaners may be powerful, but they’re also highly corrosive and will weaken your pipes!

Unless being used for partially blocked drains, steer clear of companies offering chemical cleaning services.

#4 Pipe Replacement

The final and least financially-feasible solution is completely replacing the problem pipes. Although brand new pipes would be nice, having to dig up the surrounding areas of your property won’t be!

Not only does this pose huge risks for further damage, but you’ll have to pay an arm and a leg for heavy machinery, licensed operators, and cleaning up the aftermath. Not to mention the inconvenience.

When looking for pipe repair services in Killara, there really is only one option – pipe relining. As the leading drain cleaning and pipe relining specialists, you’ll enjoy pristine pipes that last a lifetime from Platinum Pipe Relining.

For assured success, call us today!



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