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How Much Can You Repair With Trenchless Pipe Relining?

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Trenchless pipe relining is the suggested alternative to digging up your drains when you have an issue to fix. This ingenious solution allows specialist pipe relining plumbers to repair damaged or broken lines without expensive excavation and invasive digging. The result is an undisturbed landscape and preserved property value, as well as restored and reinforced pipes. Trenchless pipe relining, or inversion relining, is used in different ways to attend to different areas of damage. Let’s take a closer look!

The Inversion Process

With this contemporary technique, the need to dig a massive trench is no longer a concern. A small entrance hole to the pipe below is needed to allow plumbers to reinforce your pipe system without causing mayhem along the way. This tubed system slides into the waterways and inverts a liner soaked with a durable, flexible resin to create a robust seal within the problem pipe. The resin’s curing process ensures that no water will flow between the resin layer and the pipe’s outer wall – closing all gaps and reinforcing all weaknesses in the process. The function of this is to separate the original damaged area, which is clearly susceptible to failure, from the flow within that could hold abrasive materials.

Junction Repair

When working on a junction, the process is the same as above. However, a CCTV camera is needed to investigate the bend beforehand thoroughly. The orientation is drastically different from a normal pipe section, and as such, must be fully assessed. Having a cross or connection in a water system is common, and as a connecting point (or junction), they are prone to taking on high pressure and strain. When using junction repair, you can fit a predesigned connecting liner inside the junction and line the inner wall with resin as before. Once inverted with air pressure and cured in place, you will have a reinforced corner section to keep your water flowing freely.

Patch Repair

Patch repair uses these same methods as above. However, it involves applying them to smaller, more focused sections of a piping system. With a smaller piece inserted and inverted as before, this is ideal when only small spaces within the pipe need to be reinforced. This is far less costly and destructive than excavating your landscapes and hardscapes to access small sections of deteriorating pipes and replacing them.

Trenchless pipe relining is the helping hand those looking for affordable pipe repairs so desperately need. With the option to repair junctions, small patches, and entire lengths of piping, any problem can be solved quickly, safely, and efficiently. However, that’s only if you employ professional plumbers who specialise in trenchless pipe relining – like Platinum Pipe Relining!

Using the latest relining technology from trusted brands and years of experience saving plumbing systems, we will not only repair your pipes but increase their overall longevity too! Whether you are struggling with leaks, low water pressure, burst pipes, and beyond, we will solve any pipe problem, big or small.

Contact us today to get a quote on your trenchless pipe relining job!



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