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How to Unblock Sewer Drains?

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Blocked, damaged or clogged drains are a common problem in Manlyvale, Narrabeen and North Manly. They often cause toilets and other household fixtures to working. This can lead to flooding and hazardous spills, that pose a threat to people living in the surrounding areas. Septic systems are meant to remove any harmful waste materials from buildings and guarantee that clean water is made available to residents, with no trace of pollutants and waste particles.

When experiencing an issue with a septic system, wastewater, and other waste material come up towards the floor drains. Water that has built up in the septic tank is often due to a blocked or clogged drain that flows back to the lowest point of the drain. The kind of flow that occurs here can run back in bathtub drains, shower drains, or toilet drains as they are the next lower points in the system.

When the wrong items are flushed down the toilet or drain, a blockage occurs. In many households, sanitary products are the cause of blockages when flushed down the toilet, because they cannot be easily broken down in the system. The next time you think it’s a good idea to flush wet wipes or sanitary napkins down the toilet, think again.

How to Unblock Sewer Drains

The first thing that needs to happen when unblocking a drainage system is to diagnose the issue. A plumber needs to assess the problem once you’ve disclosed what you’ve recently flushed down the drain, no matter how embarrassing it may be. Tell your plumber if your plumbing is prone to tree root invasion so that they know precisely what do when drawing a repair plan.

If the clog is anywhere near the toilet or fixture where the blockage is, it will be easier for the plumber to clear. However, that isn’t always the case. More severe clogs and blockages may be further down the sewer drain and require more intensive repairs. To fix blocked drains, your plumber may need to use plumbing snakes or an electric power auger. These are made of a steel cable with a bladed end fitted with an electric motor and then fed into the sewer drain which will clear any blockages.

Sometimes, high-pressure water jetters are used to blast high-pressure water to force anything in the drain out. There are many options used to unblock blocked drains, and we have a few methods. Call us for blocked drain services in Manlyvale, Narrabeen and North Manly.



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