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How Trenchless Pipe Relining Repairs The Way To A Problem-Free Future Of Plumbing

Pipe relining is a trenchless way of repairing, restoring or reinforcing your damaged plumbing system. This means that problem pipes can be accessed and amended without the need for digging trenches – or your garden! When a catastrophe hits and your water and waste system fails, it can mean terror for you and your wallet. Getting the sections out of the ground and replaced is exceptionally costly, not to mention it will also ruin a well-manicured (and expensive) garden.

This often leads to many ignoring smaller areas of concern until they become a real hassle in daily life. Rather than digging up your garden, trenchless pipe relining acts as a simple, elegant route to solving this issue in half the time and at half the cost.

Let’s take a look at what makes trenchless pipe relining such a revolutionary technique for permanently repairing and reinforcing your plumbing system.

What Makes Trenchless Pipe Relining So Revolutionary?

When you have issues with underground sewage or water systems on your property, it used to mean taking on a massive, time and labour-intensive project. As your pipes are likely lying underneath your lawn, driveway, or even flower beds, digging up and replacing these segments can ruin the value and health of your property. Taking time to complete and often leaving a long-lasting impact on garden regrowth, this was always thought to be the best option available. With developments in technology, there are now far more convenient and far less invasive methods of fixing these areas without ruining your family home’s garden – namely, trenchless pipe relining!

When provided by professionals, trenchless pipe relining is an eco-friendly solution that allows you to repair a section of pipe without digging it up. This saves you time and money, as there is no need for heavy machinery, hiring operators, cleaning up afterwards, or repaving or replanting any areas.

With the damaged section cleaned out and readied, your plumber will apply a flexible, durable epoxy resin to the liner before inserting it over the entrance to your problem pipes. This resin, once inserted using an air compressor and cured by pumping hot water through the pipe, will create a robust, reinforced seal within the section of the pipe, covering and cracks or leaks.

Once set, you will enjoy a freshly reinforced pipe that won’t leak or deteriorate for years to come – without having to excavate half your front lawn. With the new layer creating a stronger, abrasion-resistant inner, this is an ideal way to fix your system without the massive costs. The combined strength of the inner epoxy resin liner and the old, outer structure of your pipe creates exceptional protection against future plumbing problems.

As you can see, the benefits of trenchless pipe relining are indisputable and leave little reason for opting for expensive excavation methods. However, this is only when it’s done right by experienced professionals with the correct equipment and epoxy resin.

If you decide you’d like a problem-free future for your plumbing, choose Platinum Pipe Relining! We specialise in trenchless pipe relining, making it the core service we offer. With us, you will enjoy the industry-leading quality service and pristine pipes for decades more to come.

Whether you need junctions repaired, smaller sections restored, or full trenchless pipe relining, save money and contact us today for a quote!



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