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Inversion Pipe Relining Explained: What Is It And Why Do I Need It?

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The idea of digging up problem pipes to repair or replace them would strike fear in the hearts of even the most financially stable Northern Beaches residents – especially since the pandemic!

But, you’ve been misinformed.

The modern miracle of inversion pipe relining on Northern Beaches offers a non-invasive way to patch up your pipes! Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is Inversion Pipe Relining?

This modern pipe relining method allows you to repair problem pipes, rather than replacing them. The best part? Little to no digging is required!

It’s designed to permanently repair damaged drainage systems, effectively and efficiently. So, it’s perfect for residential and commercial applications.

The Process:

  1.   The pipe liner length is measured and cut to size
  2.   Then, the liner is impregnated with specially formulated, long-lasting resin
  3.   This resin is inverted into the damaged or collapsing drain using compressed air
  4.   This places the resin between the lining and pipe itself
  5.   The resin adheres to the inner walls of the old pipe, following its contours and bonding to cracks and collars
  6.   Hot water is circulated through the pipe to cure the resin

The result? A brand-new pipe within your old pipe that is reinforced, sealed, and stronger than PVC.

Why Do I Need Inversion Pipe Relining?

#1 No Dig, No Doubt

As this is a non-invasive, trenchless pipe relining technique, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your pipes will be repaired without any digging!

This significantly reduces safety concerns, leaving little room for accidents, injuries, and property damage.

Considering some repairs may be small, but necessary, it helps to know that they can be easily executed without the costly consequences of traditional techniques.

#2 Considerably Cheaper

Speaking of no digging – the cost savings are significant!

Short-term, you can expect an inexpensive installation process. Without the need to pay for earth moving, heavy-duty machinery operators, and manual labour, your wallet will thank you!

By dodging the digging, you’re also dodging the costs of restoring your landscape in the long run! Above all, this is the most expensive outcome of excavation methods.

#3 Perfect For Any Pipe Problem

From wear and tear to tree root intrusion, cracking, corrosion, collapsing, fracturing, and faulty installations, inversion pipe relining can fix it all!

By using compressed air to insert a flexible, durable resin, any small to medium pipe can be repaired from the inside!

No matter your pipe problem, this non-invasive technique will solve it.

You’re likely already wondering where to get such specialist services in the Northern Beaches. Well, look no further! The answer is Platinum Pipe Relining.

With our inversion pipe relining specialists, you’ll enjoy pristine pipes in half the time!

Contact us today for trenchless pipe relining on Northern Beaches.



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