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Junction Pipe Repairs

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Junction Repair

What’s a ‘junction repair’?

Valid question. 

Drains in Sydney are typically made up of sections or lengths of pipes, with multiple junctions along the length that pick up other fixtures. 

These junctions are made up of three separate joints, all of which are prone to compromise.

The purpose of a junction repair is to insert a pre-cut liner into the damaged junction, in doing so covering all of the joints and preventing any cracks of getting worse and any tree roots of making their way back into the drain.

How does junction repair work?

Similarly to both patch repair and inversion relining, junction repair also leaves a one-piece liner within the drain, bonded to the internal wall of the pipe. The difference in this instance is that the liner itself as you can see in the image above is in the shape of the junction, so the application is similar, yet different. Firstly, the shape, size and orientation of the junction must be ascertained via camera inspection. This is paramount as the material and equipment come in specific configurations according to the drain as you can see below. Here are some of the more typical configurations we see at Sydney properties:
  • 100mm/100mm 45°/100mm
  • 100mm/100mm 90°/100mm
  • 150mm/100mm 45°/150mm
  • 150mm/150mm 45°/150mm
  • 150mm/150mm 90°/150mm
The suitable liner is impregnated with a resin and pulled over the suitable inflatable bladder. It’s either pulled, pushed, or pushed and pulled into position using rope and cable and rotated into place, using the camera as a reference point to dictate the correct rotation. Once in position, the bladder is inflated with compressed air which forces the arm of the junction into position via a controlled method. Once the bladder is fully inflated, the resin is cured in place using steam to speed the process. Once the resin has cured, the bladder is removed and the liner is left in place. Give Platinum Pipe Relining a call today to get your drains repaired permanently.