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Pipe Patch Repairs

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Patch Repair

If you have a section of broken pipe in an inaccessible area, inserting a patch repair can permanently fix the problem with minimal disruption to your home. In fact, in most cases, a patch repair is carried out within 2 hours.

What is patch repair

In pipe relining, a patch repair will repair a small section of a damaged pipe by inserting a short piece of resin-impregnated liner into the affected area. Where inversion pipe relining will repair longer lengths, patch repair will repair smaller sections. For this reason, patch repair is a very popular method as it’s quite common to come across small areas of a drain that need a small repair.

How does a pipe patch repair work?

  • We locate the damaged section of the drain using our CCTV drain camera(s).
  • We cut a section of liner to the required size and then place it over a ‘rubber packer’.
  • The packer is inserted into the drain and manoeuvred into position, often with the aid of a CCTV drain camera.
  • Once in position, the packer is inflated with compressed air, which forces the resin-impregnated liner towards the internal wall of the drain.
  • Once the resin has set, the air is let out of the rubber packer and removed from the drain with the new liner left in place.
Why might you recommend a patch repair for my premises?

We regularly come across small repairs that need to be carried out in scenarios that would lead to a lot of disruption if carried out traditionally via excavation and replacement.

Commonly, damaged drains that located under area’s like, bathrooms; driveways; houses; roads; footpaths, etc, are not only hard to access but in order to do so, they can cause a lot of inconveniences and incur a lot of costs.

  • Ripping up a bathroom to repair a drain, means the bathroom has to be put back together. 
  • Tearing up a driveway means concreting has to be replaced and the driveway is out of action.
  • Excavating roads and walkways nearly always incur fees and permits.

If a patch can be safely installed in any of these situations, the job could be over within hours, not days or weeks. 


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