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Pipe And Drain Relining: Sydney’s Leading Specialists Explain When It’s Needed And Why You Want it

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Drain and pipe relining are affordable ways to ensure the longevity of your plumbing system and repair any problems. They act as a solution for corrosion, leaks, or cracks from surrounding tree roots. This four-step process repairs, restores, and reinforces problem pipes and drains, junctions (joints), and small sections of damaged piping or drains without the need for costly (and messy) excavations and replacements.

After finding a reliable pipe relining specialist in Sydney, the next step is familiarising yourself with the process to understand why you would need it and what to expect from the pipe and drain relining process.

What Goes Wrong

If you are having issues with your piping and drainage system, chances are it’s a leak from corrosion or tree root intrusions. The mixture of elements and components running through your plumbing system and in the surrounding ground can cause corrosion over time. This chemical reaction causes a build-up called scale. Scaling is a process where minerals in the water and soil eat away at the pipe over time, causing thin metal scales to form on the surface and eventually eat away at the pipe wall. As chlorine is used in many water treatment systems, it is not uncommon for it to pass through the pipes repeatedly in both freshwater and drainage, this is one chemical that can certainly corrode your pipes over time.

Trees are another cause of piping and drainage failures, as the pipe itself allows for the perfect root environment. With ample water and humidity, any crack can quickly be taken advantage of by thirsty stray roots. Once infiltrated, they thrive within your pipes and can cause complete collapse overtime.

Other common causes for persistent piping and drainage problems that can be solved by pipe relining are their age, deep blockages in drains, broken joints, and improperly laid pipe systems.

Making It Right

The pipe or drain needs to be thoroughly cleaned by a professional plumber who specialises in pipe relining first. They will then impregnate a felt liner with a flexible epoxy resin before inserting it into the pipe or drain opening. Once placed inside and secured, it will be inserted throughout the length of the damaged section using an air compressor. The resin-soaked liner will follow the contours of the piping’s interior to allow the resin to adhere to its walls. Finally, hot water will be pumped through the pipe or drain to allow the resin to harden and set in place. If you’d like to see pipe relining in action, take a look at Platinum Pipe Relining’s educational video here.

And there you have it! In a matter of hours, rather than days, you will have a brand-new pipe created within your piping or drainage system. It acts as a permanent fix for piping problems that reinforces your plumbing system against future issues – without digging up your garden to do so!

Simply put, pipe relining is not a DIY job! It needs specialised tools, techniques, and training to identify the source of the problem, measure and cut the length of liner required, soak it with a special resin, and force this lining through the length of your drain or pipe. That’s where Platinum Pipe Relining comes in!

As Sydney’s leading pipe relining specialists, we have honed our skills over the years and will revolutionise your pipes and drains in a fashion similar to advanced ‘key-hole’ surgery without ruining your landscapes.

Contact us today to get a quote on pipe or drain relining!



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