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Pipe Relining: How It Works And Why You Need It

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Nothing is more costly to both your pocket and your property than replacing damaged or broken pipes through traditional excavation methods. Luckily, thanks to advanced technology now being available to Brookvale plumbers, pipe relining acts as a lifesaving alternative!

With pipe relining services, there’s no need to replace problem pipes, let alone excavate your property and landscape. Let’s take a closer look!

The Pipe Relining Process

As a technology, this solution has been available for more than a decade. It has, however, been unknown in Brookvale for the most part as a general service offering. As a suitable option for many types of defective pipes, it should be far more considered by those looking for a permanent fix for problem pipes. This system lets the plumber reline the interior of pipes without having to dig up and replace the whole section.

The pipe relining process involves feeding a specially designed lining through the pipes, which is inserted using compressed air to fit tightly against the inner walls. The lining is impregnated with a durable epoxy resin which ensures it adheres to the interior of your pipe once blown up. Once the lining is in place, hot water is flushed through the piping to allow it to set and harden. The end result is a brand-new pipe within the original pipe that not only fixes it but reinforces it too for added longevity.

Why You Should Pick Pipe Relining

Replacing underground piping systems is an unnecessary expense to take on considering the current circumstances. A laborious process, to say the least, the first step is to dig a trench – usually, a sore topic when for property owners considering their pricey and beloved lawns, flower beds, and hardscapes. The old pipes are then taken out and the new ones installed. Involving materials, workforce, heavy-machinery, operators, and time, this is a costly and unforgiving route to go. Especially considering the mess left behind!

By taking the pipe relining route, you will only need a single access hole to get the job done – similar to ‘keyhole’ surgeries that leave little scarring in the medical industry. Far less expensive than undertaking a new installation, it also means you can reinforce your system instead of throwing out sections and potentially weakening the entire design.

In most cases, this is an emergency fix option, taken on when a client is struggling with a strong odour or burst pipes. However, Brookvale’s local specialists, Platinum Pipe Relining, have noticed that pipe relining has become a popular choice for preventing future pipe problems too by reinforcing old piping systems.

Pipe relining is so efficient and economical, they built a business around it! If you need emergency pipe repairs or would like to increase the longevity of your pipes―without digging up your property—get in touch with them for no-dig pipe relining services today!



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