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Pipe Relining: The Revolutionary Remedy For Blocked Drains

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Pipe relining is one of the best ways to strengthen and rehabilitate your water supply and drainage system. It involves inserting a resin-soaked liner into your problem pipes using an air compressor. The resin adheres to the inner walls of your pipes, sealing any cracks or Damage, and setting in place.

What’s the result? A brand new pipe created within your old pipe, reinforcing them significantly for added longevity.

The best part? You won’t have to excavate and replace your problem pipes, saving you thousands in manual labour, cleanups, and restoring damaged property afterwards.

Surprisingly, although designed specifically for damaged or broken pipes, pipe relining is also considered the most efficient, economical blocked drain solution for several reasons.

  1. No Dig, No Damage 

If you are suffering from consistently blocked drains, the traditional solution would be excavating your property to access them first. Then, the problem area would be inspected, and the blockage removed. In many cases, the entire section of blocked piping may need to be replaced. Once complete, your landscape would need to be replanted and restored – and if your hardscapes were affected, they would need to be repaved too. On top of this, a thorough cleanup would be required. And if a pipe is struck during the excavation process, you’re in for an inconvenient, costly catastrophe!

With a reinforcing process like pipe relining, you don’t need to go through this chaos to fix your blocked drain. Similar to ‘key-hole surgery,’ all these specialists will need is a single access hole around one metre squared in size. Then, the rest is done noninvasively underground with no damage to your landscape or hardscapes guaranteed.

  1. Exceptionally Cost-Effective

Pipe relining offers drastically reduces expenses in almost every area, acting as the most affordable solution to severely blocked drains. You will only need to hire one pipe relining specialist who arrives with CCTV cameras, an air compressor, epoxy resin solution, and standard plumbing tools. Depending on the extent of the blockage, they can get the job done in a matter of hours.

You won’t need to hire heavy-duty machinery and operators, labour, earthmovers, a cleanup crew, or landscapers to restore affected outdoor areas afterwards. In the case that your blocked drain is in a high-traffic or activity area of your home, you also won’t need to book a hotel to wait a couple of days for the excavation and replacement process to be completed.

  1. Swift Solutions

The simplicity of the pipe relining process means that it takes significantly less time to fix blocked drains than alternatives. A professional pipe-reliner can easily and quickly reach the blockage with special CCTV camera technology, identify the source, decide on the best pipe relining method, and remedy it no damage or excavation to the pipe itself. This is much faster than spending time surveying and excavating the land before even reaching the blockage, meaning it could take hours rather than days!

  1. Reinforced Dimensions 

The flexible, durable epoxy resin used in this process adds an extra, robust layer to the inside of your pipes. Once the resin sets and hardens, this additional layer acts as a new pipe within

your pipes, ensuring added strength throughout that deters future blockage-causing culprits like tree roots and cracks that let soil fall in. In fact, it is arguably stronger than the original design once cured, as it can eliminate other weak points not yet impacting the system.

  1. Increased Safety 

When you dig up large areas of earth, you are creating a potential risk for everyone using the area. From holes to trenches and tools, some hazards will be present while homeowners go

on with their day. The threat to kids and animals is also high, which can be concerning for parents. Without the trenches, the risk is greatly reduced. On top of this, by disrupting the ground below, you increase the potential of destructive ground movements and shifting soil. This can cause problems for your piping system, as well as danger for those walking above.

As you can see, the pipe relining process truly is a revolutionary solution for blocked drains. It’s quick, convenient, and cost-effective – when performed by experienced professionals like Platinum Pipe Relining, that is!

After years of repairing and preventing blocked drains through trenchless pipe relining, we can do it with our eyes closed (we won’t, though)! No matter how big, small, or deep your blockage is, we’ve got the tools and tactics needed to obliterate it whilst keeping everything above surface clean and intact.

Contact us today to reline your blocked drains away!



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