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We are the pipe relining specialists in the greater Sydney region.

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If you’re a plumber and don’t want to invest in expensive pipe relining equipment, we can be contracted to do the job allowing you to offer this invaluable service to your customers.

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We specialise in pipe relining have the latest up-to-date gear that allows us to fix damaged pipes without having to dig up lawns and driveways to access the damage.

By being able to offer tour services to you, your clients won’t miss out on this amazing, no dig, no mess fix.

Technology in the industry is moving forward at a fast rate and it is difficult to keep up and remain on top of the game..

By turning to us you are accessing our honed skills in pipe relining and can keep all your regulars happy knowing they are getting the best service around.

This cured in place pipe process means the entire pipe don’t need to be replaced, just the damaged section.

With the specialized equipment we insert epoxy liner that fits pipes of all shape and diameter. When the flexible liner is put in the correct position it is sealed to the exisiting walls and then hardens to create the new section that is as durable as any traditionally made pipe.

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