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Residential Pipe Relining

Duration: 1 Day I Platinum Pipe Relining

Freshwater Residential Pipe Relining Project Brief

Mr and Mrs Cook, a couple living in Freshwater NSW, approached Platinum Pipe Relining for assistance as their property’s sewer boundary trap was continually blocking. Mr and Mrs Cook dealt with many issues because of this blockage and were having to regularly call plumbers to clear the blocked sewer.

Mr and Mrs Cook contacted Platinum Pipe Relining in the hopes of finding a permanent solution to their problem. They were hoping for this solution to be executed in a timely and affordable manner.

Our Platinum Pipe Relining Approach

After thoroughly inspecting the issue, our team cleared the drain using a high-pressure drain cleaner. Once clear, we used our diagnostic drain camera to identify the badly compromised earthenware sewer pipe, due to large tree roots entering the joins in the pipe.

We showed Mr and Mrs Cook the issues on the drain camera screen, recommending to reline their sewer boundary trap through to Sydney Water’s main junction, giving their old sewer line a new lease on life and ensuring no more blocked drains through a permanent solution to their issue.

The reline was completed in one day using state-of-the-art Brawoliner technology by our team of Pipe Relining experts.

Freshwater Residential Pipe Relining

Obstacles Faced And Overcome

After experiencing years of blocked drains, our clients were looking for a permanent solution that meant they no longer needed to regularly have the drains unblocked by a plumber, which was a costly and time-consuming process.

The pipe was located under the driveway, so we needed a solution that would avoid a costly and disruptive excavation of the driveway. We wanted to avoid a lengthy disruption on the property as much as possible.

Potential Danger

There is always a bit of potential danger when dealing with sewer boundary traps as you don’t’ want sewage to leak anywhere on the property. The other potential danger is damaging the pipe and creating a bigger problem instead of a solution.

But thanks to our team’s careful planning and expertise, no potential dangers were realised and everything went smoothly and according to plan.

Project Complexity

As a whole, this project was actually relatively complex and it took skills and knowledge from our team to ensure that everything was done correctly and that each step in the pipe relining was executed with precision. We stuck to industry standards and ensured that the end result was of high quality.

The complexity of the project was simplified greatly by our tools of technology, namely our drain camera. Our drain camera allowed us to see exactly what was going, leaving any guesswork out of the question.

Freshwater Pipe Relining Outcome

Our Freshwater Pipe Relining Outcome

Looking back on this project, we consider it a great success and would not change anything in our approach as we feel that we did a great job from beginning to end. We gave the clients, Mr and Mrs Cook, a permanent solution to their problem without causing a mess on their property or having to dig up their drivel.

This project was completed promptly, within one day, which means that there was minimal disruption for our valued clients. All in all the solution we provided was affordable, effective and the clients were happy with the end result.

“Thank you Rhys and the team at Platinum Pipe Relining for the professional service and job well done. We are very happy with the outcome and thankful we now have a permanent fix - without having to dig up our driveway!”
Mr & Mrs Cook
Freshwater property owners