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Sydney Pipe Relining

Duration: 3 Days I Platinum Pipe Relining

Sydney Pipe Relining Project Brief

Our client, living in a high-rise apartment building in Sydney CBD, had issues with leaking pipes due to rusty downpipes. The client approached the team at Platinum Pipe Relining in the hopes that we could provide a permanent solution to their problem, at an affordable price and without the disruption of excavating part of the tiled balcony floor.

Our Sydney CBD Pipe Relining Approach

Our approach involved maintaining the integrity of the balcony slab, the tiles and the waterproofing membrane under the tiles. We cut the downpipe on the upper and lower side of each balcony slab. From here we installed rectangle to round PVC adapters on each end to accommodate for the soon to be relined pipe.

Our expert team undertook a seamless epoxy reline from these PVC adapters through the slab, creating a watertight solution for this section of pipework travelling through the concrete slab.

The seamless solution that we provided ensured no further leaking due to rust. The job took three days to reach completion, and there was very little disturbance caused for the client and other residents in the building.

Obstacles Faced And Overcome 

[Copy] There were several challenges that this job presented that we had to overcome. The first challenge was having to reline the pipe from rectangular to round, which definitely took some precision and skill.

The second challenge was robotically cutting the 50mm branch line leading into this rectangle downpipe in the slab. Thanks to our advanced tools, this turned out to not be a problem, and just required some patience.

The third obstacle was ensuring that the building’s residents experienced minimal disruption. With our approach, they were still able to occupy the apartments throughout the duration of work with very little disturbance.

Sydney CBD Pipe Relining
Pipe Relining Project Outcome

Potential Danger 

Working on the balconies of high rise buildings always poses as a potential threat and our team had to be extra careful when installing the new pipes. Luckily, our team has worked on many high rise jobs before and were careful yet confident when performing this job in Sydney CBD.

Project Complexity

This project, like any pipe relining project that involves rust, was quite a complex one. There were many technical aspects involved, such as robotically cutting the 50mm branch line, and relining the pipe from rectangular to round. Because our team is so skilled and experienced, they had no problem overcoming these complexities.

This Sydney Pipe Relining Project Outcome

We believe that the overall outcome of this project was a great success and there is nothing that we would change in our approach. We achieved the main goal of this project, which was providing them with a safe and permanent solution to their problem. 

We were able to complete the job with very little disruption to the building’s residents. We were also able to provide the client with an affordable price for the completed work. 

We are very proud of the hard work that our team put into this project, and in the excellent results that were achieved.

Thank you to Rhys and his amazing team at Platinum Pipe Relining for the great job done at our apartment block. 
We are very happy with the end result and pleased to have a permanent solution to our problem.
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