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Questions To Ask When Searching For A Blocked Drains Specialist In Hornsby

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When blocked drains darken your day, you’ll likely turn to the go-to guru across the globe – Google.

Although Google has all the answers, it also has a lot of misinformation. Unfortunately, sneaky scammers have cracked its code and saturated the web, with many boasting ‘specialist services.’

This has made filtering through the fakes deeply frustrating! Which ‘specialist’ do you choose? Are they actually specialists? Does it matter?

Here’s what to ask each potential blocked drain specialist when searching in Hornsby.

#1 Are You Licensed And Insured?

When it comes to plumbing – especially that which concerns public health and safety, like drainage and sewage – it does, in fact, matter.

According to the Plumbing And Drainage Act 2018, it’s flat out illegal. And according to its most recent updates, the penalties have almost doubled!

And, without a license, your ‘specialist’ also cannot get the proper insurance. This means that the costs of any damage, injury, or future problems will land on your shoulders – and your home insurance will not cover unlicensed work.

Solution? Simply ask your potential picks for their licensee name and number to background check them here.

If it all checks out, move to question two!

#2 What Are Your Guarantees?

Ask your potential picks what guarantees they offer in the case that problems pop up after they’ve gone.

You’ll want to choose a drain specialist who is so confident in their work and skills that they offer substantial guarantees that see them taking responsibility for any costs or catastrophes their work leaves behind.

If you’re satisfied with the length of time you’re covered for and the level of support you will receive, move on to question three!

#3 Are You Available 24/7?

Blocked drains can cause anything from sewage backups to low water pressure, leaks, and more!

Often they strike when you least expect it, meaning you’ll want the peace of mind knowing you have a specialist on speed dial – 24/7.

Since you’re looking locally, any blocked drain specialist worth their salt should be able to offer you 24/7 emergency services!

#4 Do You Offer Dig-Free Solutions?

Finally, and most importantly, your chosen specialist must be skilled in no-dig no-damage solutions, like pipe relining.

Temporary quick fixes like harsh, corrosive chemicals and gouging electric eels create weaknesses and pave the way for future problems!

And when it comes to excavation and replacement – just say no! Pipe relining is non-invasive, using CCTV technology to identify the issue and durable epoxy resin liners to reinforce and repair drains from the inside out.

Why not skip some steps and come straight to Hornsby’s leading blocked drain specialists – Platinum Pipe Relining!

Our team of drain gurus are licensed, insured, thoroughly trained, and experienced. With our expertise, we can confidently guarantee quick, effective, and dig-free drain solutions.

Visit our website today to see how we keep drain problems away!

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