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Real-World Benefits Of CIPP Lining

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CIPP lining, or ‘cured-in-place-pipe lining,’ is one of the best ways to rehabilitate the plumbing system around your home, business, or facility. It’s a feat of modern ingenuity that involves an epoxy coated liner being inserted into and sealing the cracks of underground piping. Saving money, time, and avoiding costly excavation and replacement services, this is a reliable solution offered by specialist relining plumbers. Find out why below!

Benefits Of Innovation 

Taking on any pipe replacement jobs can be taxing for your wallet and schedule. When cracks, leaks, or underground pipe issues occur, it calls for special attention that can result in many cases with you having to drop everything to sort it out as soon as possible. With a reinforcing process like relining, you don’t need to go through this chaos to fix your piping.

As a liner with a rubber bladder inside, this resin-coated tool is simply slid into the tube to reseal any damaged areas from within. Due to the compact, intelligent design, only a small hole is needed for access rather than a half-garden trench the alternatives require. This system is a welcome addition to the plumbing world, as it requires minimal costs and damage in almost every area. Far less time and labour are needed for CIPP lining, as no excavation work or heavy-machinery are required. One technician with an air compressor, liner, and epoxy resin is all you will need. Once cut to size and tightly inserted using the force from compressed air, the resin is cured by pumping hot water through the pipe.

The resin used in this process adds an extra, durable layer to the inside of the piping that increases the existing pipe’s overall longevity. Once the resin has set and cured properly, it will be airtight and durable enough to withstand any abrasion from within. This means that not only is your old pipe stronger, but the filled areas will be less likely to leak again. Also, without the need for a wide trench, there is no risk of falling into the ditch and causing an accident or injury. The risk to kids and animals is also high as they are more likely to run blindly onto a familiar patch of garden.

When you need your piping repaired or reinforced, make sure to come to experienced professionals that specialise in CIPP lining – like our plumbers at Platinum Pipe Relining. They will take you through the process step-by-step and, using their years of experience with pipe relining, will solve your pipe problems easily, quickly, and cost-effectively.

If your pipes are old or consistently giving you problems, call us now for a permanent fix!



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