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Sewer Pipe Lining Explained

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Sewer pipe lining is an in-demand service due to its effective and efficient delivery method. It is a technological advancement that allows a trained individual to catch, correct, and combat the formation of issues before they become more severe. Nothing can be more costly to both your pocket and your property than replacing sewage system sections.

Luckily, replacement is no longer the only available option when faced with old, damaged, or faulty sewer pipes. Here’s everything you need to know about sewer pipe lining and why it is so wildly efficient.

How It Works

Sewer pipe lining involves a specialised plumber relining, restoring, and reinforcing the existing pipe while plugging any cracks or holes as the liner sets. It almost seems too good to be true when compared to more archaic methods, such as expensive excavations and ruined landscapes. A resin-soaked liner is inserted within your problem sewer pipes to reach and restore the damaged section. Once in place, the liner is inverted into the pipe using an air compressor, forcing it to adhere to every contour and crack of the inner wall. Hot water is then flushed through the pipe to let the resin cure, creating a hardy layer between the tube and flowing, abrasive materials.

How It Can Help

While the usual process of digging up a system like this would encompass a large trench across your front lawn or driveway, sewer pipe lining has revolutionised it. With this new age method, only a small access hole is needed. Much lower in cost and less time consuming to install, this design also lets you reinforce your plumbing system by creating a new pipe within the problem pipe. This dynamic solution arguably repairs your sewer pipes to better than before by adding a layer of durable, hardened resin that can stand a high level of strain.

These tools are a bonus for property owners, as they significantly reduce the impact a project like this can have on manicured landscapes and hardscapes. There is no telling what may become collateral damage when excavation is needed to access and replace your sewer pipes – especially when tenants are thrown into the mix. Sewer pipe relining, on the other hand, can make a week-long job last an hour without disrupting you or any tenants’ daily lives. With little damage to the ground on your property, this is the best investment you can make for your underground system.

As a reliable, proven, and cost-effective way to ensure you can plug, repair, and reinforce your sewer system all at once, be sure to look into sewer pipe lining if you need a permanent solution for problem pipes.

When you are ready to revolutionise your sewer system, contact Sydney’s leading pipe relining specialist, Platinum Pipe Relining! We have evolved alongside this modern miracle, developing an intimate understanding of its techniques and honing our skills. Today, we are considered the resident experts.

Visit our website today to learn more about how pipe relining can transform your sewer pipes into problem-free assets!



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